Saunton Golf Club

Entrant List for Open 3 Ball Team Event - West

129 players have been signed up for this competition as of 11:37 PM Monday 15th April

Martin Adams (Oake Manor Golf Club)
Simon Allen (14.1)
Sarah Arnold (Stover Golf Club)
Tim Arnold (Bovey Castle)
Phil Aston (Staddon Heights Golf Club)
David Bacon (Willesley Park)
David Baglow (7.9)
Christopher Barraclough (12.2)
Christopher Barrow (12.2)
Jayne Begley (12.9)
Mark Begley (14.0)
David Benfield (16.7)
Christopher Birch (13.9)
Stephen Bradley (11.6)
David Brant (15.1)
Neil Braund (Ilfracombe Golf Club)
Stephen Braund (10.4)
Graham Bridgeman (The Kendleshire Golf Club)
Carol Brooking (Tracy Park Golf Club)
Antony Brooks (13.3)
Jonathan Broome (Lyme Regis Golf Club)
James Bunce (13.0)
Martin Candy (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
Tim Chapple (7.3)
David Charles (Chilwell Manor)
Lee Chatham (Teignmouth Golf Club)
David Child (13.9)
Andrew Coates (Willesley Park)
Ian Coggins (14.6)
Mark Colley (Lyme Regis Golf Club)
Mike Collins (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
Mark Cooke (10.9)
William Cooke (24.1)
Luke Coxhead (Wrag Barn)
Stephen Creed (Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club)
Samuel Cresswell (8.5)
Stephen Cresswell (14.5)
Alexander Davis (9.5)
Paul Dennis (9.6)
Mark Durney (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
David Edwards (12.9)
Andy Evans (Cannington)
Paul Evans (11.3)
Jonathan Michael Farrell (Willesley Park)
George Fennell (19.8)
Martyn Fennell (Saunton Artisans Golf Club)
Stephen Flood (Royal North Devon Golf Club)
Joe Fox-Roberts (Broome Manor Golf Club)
Martin French (8.5)
Graeme Garwood (Honiton)
Brian W Gilbert (Ilfracombe Golf Club)
Gary Golombeck (13.3)
Alex Goodey (Staddon Heights Golf Club)
Ben Goodey (Wrag Barn)
Ralph Goss (9.6)
Ollie Gostlin (Saltford Golf Club)
Michael Gray (10.6)
Trefor Griffith (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
John Griffiths (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
Mike Halliwell (Willesley Park)
Martin Hammett (20.8)
Andrew Harriott (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
Paul Harris (Broome Manor Golf Club)
Mark Harrison (17.4)
Barry Hart (Broome Manor Golf Club)
Jason Heaven (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
William Hellier (Teignmouth Golf Club)
Paul Hill (Saunton Artisans Golf Club)
Mark Hoar (China Fleet Golf Club)
Tim Hoare (22.9)
Jon Holwill (Staddon Heights Golf Club)
Stephen Horn (10.1)
Paul Hotchkiss (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
Steve Hotchkiss (Filton Golf Club)
Peter How (8.6)
Paul Hughes (Willesley Park)
Peter Hume (10.3)
Michael Jeffery (11.3)
Ian Johnson (The Kendleshire Golf Club)
Guy Jones (Ilfracombe Golf Club)
Craig Kerrigan (Celtic Manor Resort Golf Club)
Darrian Lilley (16.5)
Paul Liston (Lyme Regis Golf Club)
Colin MacPherson (2.5)
Ross Malone (Saltford Golf Club)
Lee Martin (14.1)
John McAvoy (Ilfracombe Golf Club)
Matthew Meakin (16.4)
Peter Middleton (Willesley Park)
Ryan Miles (8.0)
Martyn Mules (15.3)
Clare-Louise Nicholls (The Players Club Golf Club)
Rodger Norman (Nuneaton)
Mark Palmer (6.9)
Alan Payne (5.1)
Mark Pearce (14.8)
Michael Pennicott (3.7)
Ben Phillips (Wrag Barn)
Karen Pollard (Henley Golf Club)
Mark Popham (Oake Manor Golf Club)
Ian Povey (Saltford Golf Club)
Paul Andrew Prentice (Ilfracombe Golf Club)
Ben Redstone (9.1)
Nigel Reed (18.2)
Martin Richards (14.7)
Jun Rico (15.0)
Michael Rooke (13.5)
Mark Sawyers (The Players Club Golf Club)
Ricky Shackell (Burnham & Berrow Golf Club)
Steve Sims (17.9)
Jack Smallridge (Ilfracombe Golf Club)
DAVID SMITH (Willesley Park)
Duncan Smith (Bristol & Clifton Golf Club)
Stephen Smith (Kingsdown)
Bill Soby (7.5)
Chris Storey (17.7)
James Teale (3.8)
Oliver Teale (5.8)
Jamie Tong (Oake Manor Golf Club)
Richard Union (Teignmouth Golf Club)
Philip Venn (2.7)
Darren West (14.9)
Ian Wheatley (8.2)
Steven Wheatley (Saunton Artisans Golf Club)
Dean Willoughby (Royal North Devon Golf Club)
Paul Wootton (Celtic Manor Resort Golf Club)
Harrison Worley (9.4)
Aaron Yeo (11.3)
Edward Yeo (11.8)

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