Saunton Golf Club

Easter Challenge Cup - West Rd 1

Monday 22nd April 2019, Blue Tees, West

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 73 (Visitors 74)
1st Ryan Moore(2)  Yelverton Golf Club69
2nd Kevin Pearce(9)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)69
3rd Alan Payne(6) 69
4th Josh Wells(9) 69
5th David Bennett(16)  Bristol & Clifton Golf Club71
6th Ian Jagger(12)  Coventry Golf Club71
7th Samuel Cresswell(12) 71
8th Simon Lumber(4)  Long Ashton Golf Club71
9th Chris Titterington(11)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)71
10th Phillip Donkin(7)  Long Ashton Golf Club72
11th Jay Scott(0)  Tiverton Golf Club72
12th Ian Towson(12) 72
13th Barny Yates(14)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)72
14th Laurence Johnson(0)  Coventry Golf Club72
15th Chris Norman(6) 72
16th Sam Palmer(2)  Tiverton Golf Club73
17th Paul McMullen(1)  Broome Manor Golf Club73
18th James Chappell(1) 73
19th Colin Lazell(6)  Parkstone Golf Club73
20th John Steele(7)  Broome Manor Golf Club73
21st David Allison(1)  Cotswold Hills Golf Club73
22nd James Rowles(0)  Henbury Golf Club73
23rd Sam Booker(5)  Goring & Streatley Golf Club73
24th Louis Ross(5)  Long Ashton Golf Club73
25th Martin Jennings(14)  Bristol & Clifton Golf Club73
26th S Inns(7)  Kings Norton Golf Club74
27th Dominic Wood(7)  China Fleet Golf Club74
28th Alexander Marks(4) 74
29th Rory Hunt(4)  Teignmouth Golf Club74
30th Will Hunt(4) 74
31st Andrew Day(0)  Ferndown Golf Club74
32nd Stuart Jose(3)  Exeter Golf & Country Club74
33rd Andrew Harris(4)  Chipping Sodbury Golf Club74
34th Edward Baker(18)  Bristol & Clifton Golf Club75
35th Matt Kippen(-1)  Enmore Park Golf Club75
36th James Buckley(4)  Long Ashton Golf Club75
37th Tim Chapple(9) 75
38th Keir Begley(5) 75
39th M Harrington(1)  Yelverton Golf Club75
40th James Teale(5) 75
41st Lee Juliff(6)  Vale Golf & Country Club75
42nd Michael Peak(1)  Enfield Golf Club75
43rd D J Pinnell(10)  West Wilts Golf Club75
44th Sam Roles(-1)  Sherborne Golf Club76
45th Matt Jones(7)  Parkstone Golf Club76
46th Andrew Harriott(4)  Burnham & Berrow Golf Club76
47th Thomas Waller(5)  Cirencester Golf Club76
48th A J Roy(5)  Dorset Golf & Country Club76
49th Ross Porter(1)  Long Ashton Golf Club76
50th Matthew Andrews(2)  Enfield Golf Club76
51st A Wilkinson(10)  Vale Golf & Country Club76
52nd Graham Virgin(7) 76
53rd M Swift(9)  Dorset Golf & Country Club77
54th L Hawker(5)  Kings Norton Golf Club77
55th Andy Rideout(-1)  Parkstone Golf Club77
56th Stuart Bennett(1)  Enville Golf Club77
57th Benjamin Crowther(1)  Dewsbury District Golf Club77
58th Michael Day(1)  Henbury Golf Club77
59th Kev Keene(7)  West Wilts Golf Club77
60th M S Clarke(17)  West Wilts Golf Club77
61st Jonathan Parker(5) 77
62nd C Rowland(10)  West Wilts Golf Club77
63rd Darren Budd(8)  Parkstone Golf Club77
64th John Whelan(4)  Athenry Golf Club78
65th J.K. Day(7)  Enville Golf Club78
66th Tom Woodhouse(-1)  Exeter Golf & Country Club78
67th Mike Bourne(4)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)78
68th David Wilkin(6)  West Wilts Golf Club78
69th Philip Venn(3) 78
70th George Peare(5)  Cirencester Golf Club78
71st Callum Ward(1)  Dorset Golf & Country Club78
72nd Andrew Norman(0)  Portmore Golf Park78
73rd Toby Harris(4)  Cirencester Golf Club78
74th John Hale(3)  Coventry Golf Club78
75th Stephen Hunt(8) 78
76th Daniel May(3)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)78
77th Max Nicholls(0)  Enfield Golf Club78
78th Mark Snape(0)  Cumberwell Park Golf Club78
79th Jonathan Squire(0) 78
80th D C T Lupton(3)  St Enodoc Golf Club79
81st B Farmer(8)  Kingsdown Golf Club79
82nd Ben Waterfall(9) 79
83rd John Chilvers(3)  Henbury Golf Club79
84th Dean Sampson(7) 79
85th Christopher Hampton(5) 79
86th Jake Brooks(6)  Ferndown Golf Club79
87th Michael White(1)  West Wilts Golf Club79
88th Lance Hanna(6)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club79
89th Adam Flintham(8)  Vale Golf & Country Club80
90th Jack Hayes(6)  Mendip Golf Club80
91st jeremy mills(6)  Vale Golf & Country Club80
92nd Charlie Hamilton(6)  West Wilts Golf Club80
93rd Graeme Stirk(12) 80
94th Mark Willis(5)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)80
95th John Higgins(6)  Exeter Golf & Country Club80
96th B. Woodall(6)  Gaudet Luce Golf Club80
97th Justin Lane(0)  Burnham & Berrow Golf Club80
98th Bradley Scott(-1)  Tiverton Golf Club80
99th Tom Partridge(1)  Exeter Golf & Country Club80
100th J Windebank(4)  Dorset Golf & Country Club80
101st Andrew Chatwin(8)  The Players Club80
102nd Gordon Hardie(9)  North Wilts Golf Club81
103rd Chris Watson(14) 81
104th John Cole(14)  West Herts Golf Club81
105th Alex Hobson(4)  Cirencester Golf Club81
106th Frank Coyle(8) 81
107th Jasper Goddard(6)  Coombe Wood Golf Club81
108th D Dearden(9)  Kings Norton Golf Club81
109th Alex Bailey(5) 81
110th Paul Foley(5)  West Herts Golf Club82
111th Matt Mackay(9)  China Fleet Golf Club82
112th Henry Treasure(5)  Mendip Golf Club82
113th Kevin Stokes(4)  Henbury Golf Club82
114th Darren Baker(5)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club82
115th Jason Brock(-2)  Oake Manor Golf Club83
116th Anthony Perks(13)  Vale Golf & Country Club83
117th Darren Robison(5)  Cirencester Golf Club83
118th Edward Battye(3)  Woodsome Hall Golf Club83
119th Thomas Lowe(3)  Mendip Golf Club83
120th Luke Maddison(3)  Weymouth Golf Club83
121st Michael Setterfield(2)  Yelverton Golf Club84
122nd Matthew Tiddy(12)  Enfield Golf Club84
123rd Marcus Foster(10)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)84
124th M Rees(3)  Moor Park Golf Club84
125th Anthony Day(12)  Vale Golf & Country Club84
126th Ben Pritchard(1)  Parkstone Golf Club84
127th Liam Parsons(6)  Weymouth Golf Club85
128th Geoff Akers(12)  Vale Golf & Country Club85
129th K French(9)  West Herts Golf Club85
130th Joshua Freeman(0)  Worlebury Golf Club85
131st James Stroud(6)  China Fleet Golf Club86
132nd Andrew Bowen(12)  Bristol & Clifton Golf Club86
133rd Paul Watson(9)  Enville Golf Club86
134th Jonathan Randall(11)  Tylney Park Golf Club86
135th Dan Bendall(17)  The Players Club87
136th Neil Walsh(9)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)87
137th Brendan Sparks(8)  Enville Golf Club88
138th Tony Osborne(12)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)88
139th P J Mills(10)  Formby Golf Club88
140th Tom Stone(6)  Cirencester Golf Club89
141st Glyn Roddy(11)  Woodhall Spa Golf Club93
142nd Sam Quarlena(6)  West Herts Golf Club96
143rd John Mills(3)  Warren Golf Club (Devon)NR
144th Mark Attwell(10)  Marsden Park Golf ClubNR
145th Richard Hawkins(6)  Perranporth Golf ClubNR
146th Kevin Rivers(6)  Bristol Golf Club (The)NR
147th David Roddis(6)  Coventry Golf ClubNR
148th James Herniman(7)  Mendip Golf ClubNR
149th M Dawson(6)  Bowood Golf & Country ClubNR
150th R K Erskine(9)  West Wilts Golf ClubNR
151st Cameron Roy(13)  Nene Park Golf ClubNR
152nd S.d Watton(2)  Hagley Golf & Country ClubNR
153rd M.e. Holmes(6)  Hagley Golf & Country ClubNR
154th Darren Bingham(7)  Warren Golf Club (Devon)NR
155th Andrew M Buck(5)  Broome Manor Golf ClubNR
156th Neil Bunting(10)  Perranporth Golf ClubNR
157th Paul Wilson(6) NR
158th Sam Reilly(6)  Mendip Golf ClubNR
159th Samuel Riddell(0)  Chipping Sodbury Golf ClubNR

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