Saunton Golf Club

Club Scratch Gold Medal - East

Saturday 24th August 2019, Blue Tees, East

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 76 (Visitors 77)
1st Graeme Stirk(13) 71
2nd Mark Kiff(6) 72
3rd Martin Trees(6)  St Enodoc Golf Club72
4th Peter How(9) 73
5th Michael Peacock(13) 73
6th Alexander Marks(4) 73
7th Will Hunt(4) 74
8th Paul Ungaretti(10)  Wisley Golf Club74
9th Stephen Davies(7) 74
10th Keir Begley(5) 74
11th Andrew Norman(-1)  Portmore Golf Park75
12th Jake Burnage(-5) 75
13th Josh Wells(7) 75
14th Mark Begley(13) 75
15th Andrew Twist(4) 76
16th Sean Macauley(12) 76
17th Frank Ellis(3) 76
18th Paul Vicary(2) 76
19th Keith Harley(11)  Tidworth Garrison Golf Club76
20th Mark Galliford(15) 76
21st David Baglow(6) 76
22nd P M Cook(4)  Worthing Golf Club76
23rd B Lindsay(1)  The Park Resort76
24th Peter Forster(2) 77
25th M Snape(-1)  Cumberwell Park Golf Club77
26th Peter Higgins(5)  Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City)77
27th Mark Dalziel(10)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)77
28th Alex Bailey(4) 77
29th Frank Coyle(8) 77
30th Mark Blannin(17) 77
31st Richard Shannon(13) 77
32nd Eion Bailey(11)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)78
33rd Scott Tabor(8)  Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City)78
34th Peter Lethbridge(6) 78
35th Michael O'Mahoney(11) 78
36th Stephen Sparkes(17) 78
37th Philip Evans(17) 78
38th Nick Dunford(7) 78
39th Mark Williams(4) 78
40th Jonathan Parker(5) 78
41st Shaun Thorne(13) 78
42nd Paul Dennis(11) 78
43rd Kris Meissner(13) 79
44th Geoffrey Briggs(11) 79
45th Jamie Pow(0) 79
46th John Hanson(13) 79
47th Philip Slater(3) 79
48th Guy Jones(7)  Ilfracombe Golf Club79
49th Martin Pow(12)  Saunton Artisans Golf Club79
50th Craig Marriott(4)  Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City)79
51st Blake Anderson(15) 79
52nd Tim Chapple(9) 79
53rd Tim Jobson(2) 79
54th Joe Jorephani(6)  Ilfracombe Golf Club80
55th John Lane(14) 80
56th David Summers(-2)  Burford Golf Club80
57th Martyn Gimber(12) 80
58th Chris Plummer(15)  Hankley Common Golf Club81
59th Shaun Lang(13) 81
60th Warren Shipman(15) 81
61st Jonathan Squire(-1) 81
62nd Ian Towson(13) 81
63rd Dean Sampson(7) 81
64th Christopher Barrow(13) 81
65th Philip Stanier(15) 81
66th Peter Gray(5)  Wisley Golf Club81
67th Ron Sutherland(11)  Burford Golf Club81
68th Daren Thorne(8) 82
69th Michael Jeffery(12) 82
70th Mark Jones(7) 82
71st Seymour Stedford(12) 82
72nd Stuart Young(11) 82
73rd Peter Hannant(8) 82
74th Paul Manion(8)  Grims Dyke Golf Club82
75th Andrew Snellgrove(4)  82
76th Alan Bennett-Brown(7) 82
77th Ritchie Joslin(5) 83
78th Andy Ackland(6) 83
79th Ralph Goss(8) 83
80th Martyn Olds(17)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)83
81st Martin Squire(10) 83
82nd Finn Begley(1) 83
83rd Derek Brown(6) 83
84th John Clink(14) 84
85th Vince Jenner(10) 84
86th Peter Wilson(6) 84
87th Adam Grant(14) 84
88th Chris Norman(5) 84
89th Simon Jones(11) 84
90th Richard Copp(13) 84
91st Anthony Foster(13) 85
92nd Roland Kay(13) 85
93rd Stuart De La Roch(12) 85
94th Peter Bristow(15) 85
95th Nick Apperley(4)  Ludlow Golf Club85
96th Brendan Lethaby(8) 85
97th Martin Bradley(11)  Kenilworth Golf Club86
98th Alan Carter(12) 86
99th John Cleverdon(19) 86
100th Darrian Lilley(16) 87
101st Craig Welmers(7) 87
102nd Paul Dunstan(6) 88
103rd Phil Bolton(8) 88
104th Stephen Thomas(11)  Notts Golf Club88
105th David Austwick(11) 88
106th Richard Slee(16) 89
107th Alan Payne(5) 89
108th Simon Young(11)  Burford Golf Club89
109th John G Evans(15) 89
110th Jonathan Curtis(10) 90
111th Dave Jarvis(17)  Saunton Artisans Golf Club90
112th John Evans(11) 91
113th Gary Jones(14) 91
114th Alex Hammond(9) 91
115th Samuel Cresswell(9) 92
116th Henry Young(21) 93
117th Mark J Evans(15)  94
118th Arnold Kaplan(15) 97
119th Barrie Richmond(11) NR
120th Mark Swift(10) NR
121st Tony Lavan(12)  Didsbury Golf ClubNR
122nd Richard Hobbs (24)  Donnington Grove Country ClubNR
123rd Lee Martin(16) NR
124th Neil Thompson(15) NR
125th Graham Virgin(7) NR
126th Gary King(14) NR
127th John Frankish(14) NR
128th Graham Curry(13) NR
129th Paul Allen(21) NR
130th Roy Mitchell(6)  Bigbury Golf ClubNR
131st Luke Grant(9) NR
132nd Ian Hobbs(18) NR
133rd Neish Chisholm(13)  Kemnay Golf ClubNR
134th Ken Harding(18) NR
135th David Gilroy(9) NR
136th Keith Adamson(6) NR
137th Chris Storey(12) NR
138th Brian Medlam(4) NR
139th Andrew Stevenson(14) NR
140th Mark Jepson(8)  Notts Golf ClubNR
141st David Barker(13) NR
142nd Stephen Gowing(16) NR
143rd Steven Hill(13) NR
144th Cameron Squire(9) NR
145th G Lewys-Lloyd(9) NR
146th Chris Keogh(10) NR
147th Roy Dalton(22)  Wheatley Golf ClubNR
148th Paul Hillman(16) NR
149th Simon Foster(16)  Wheatley Golf ClubNR
150th Stuart Russell(15) NR
151st Peter Dunstan(14) NR
152nd Mark Pearce(13) NR
153rd Paul Evans(12) NR
154th Bruce Verrall(10) NR
155th S P Richards(9)  Worthing Golf ClubNR
156th Frank Fellows(9)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf ClubNR
157th Derek Hockings(8)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf ClubNR
158th Neil Braund(7)  Ilfracombe Golf ClubNR
159th Christopher Hickman(7) NR
160th Jos White(7) NR
161st Andrew Polson(10) DQPENALTY
162nd A. Bates(6)  Sherwood Forest Golf ClubWD

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