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Welcome to the TEAM SAUNTON information page, where you can catch up on all things relating to Team Golf here at Saunton Golf Club, from team selection to results and match reports. 



Still Cup - Nicky Sandom

Presidents Trophy - Ann Wallace

Sheelah Creasy Bowl - Pat Barker

Devon League - Julie Gavin

North Devon Friendly League - Pauline Sparkes

Annodata - Julie Rotchell


Palairet - John Gavin

Rosebowl - Mark Pearce

Parker Trophy - Jon Sutherland

North Devon League - John Deacon

Emerton Court - Jo Ertman



Presidents Team

Presidents Final - Friday 27th September 2019 @ Yelverton

Our journey has ended with the Presidents team receiving the Runners-Up Trophy.

31 teams entered the President’s Trophy this year and to be one of the two finalists, after playing 10 hard fought matches was a win in itself, something the team has only ever achieved on this occasion. Our final was played in not the nicest conditions but conditions that we had become accustomed to playing in. Yelverton is a fabulous course and always a pleasure to play, however, the greens had been tined, making putting occasionally challenging. The Final was hard fought by all and could easily have gone either way, with our number 1 winning out of the country, and our numbers two and four taking it to the wire down the 19th. When we played our Quarter and Semi-finals, there were hardly any shots given, the matches were that close in terms of handicaps but the final was a different matter. Every one of our team received between 3 & 5 shots each, showing the calibre of Dainton Parks Team, who it has to be said, do not enter a scratch Still team, so channel all that strength into their Presidents team but congratulations to Dainton Park for winning the 2019 Presidents Trophy.

You could argue that we should have played all our available low handicap golfers in the Final but two things should be said. Firstly, had our Still team made it to the final themselves, which is held on the same day, these players would have played their Still final and would not have been available to play for the Presidents team. Secondly, the Presidents is a handicap competition. We don’t know the handicaps of the opposition until we are given our team cards on the day, although we did kind of guess that they would be strong up front. But shots are given for a reason and everyone one of our team was capable of a win. Our 2019 presidents team consisted of Still, Presidents and Creasy players and a combination of those players played as a Presidents team in the Presidents Final and I could not be prouder of their achievement.  My gratitude goes to the team of the day, Julie Brookes, Jayne Begley, Ann Wallace, Lee Bristow, Yvonne Medlam, Tess Souter, Jackie Aitken. Reserves: Barbara Beer & Helen Lethbridge, caddies and supporters, of which there were many.

I extend my sincere thanks to Albert, our Professional, whose pre-season clinic and continued support, I’m sure, had an influence on our achievement. Thank you to Jon, our General Manager for setting up this fabulous Team Saunton page and keeping us all updated of every one’s achievements and a massive thank you to all the 2019 Presidents team players. I wish them all the best of luck for 2020 along with their new team captain, Ann Wallace. 

Presidents - Quarter Final v Wrangaton - Match Report - 9th August

On the day and evening before our match, emails were flying everywhere, from the Devon County Secretary to me, me to the team and the team to me. The reason being as always, the weather. Would the predicted 40mph winds prevent play?

Finally, at 6.15am on the morning of play, we were given the green light, come rain, wind or both, we were playing! It was a relief not to have to reschedule but the wind and rain tested everyone’s ability on the course and I am so thrilled and proud of my team who, with their caddies’ support beat Wrangaton at RND in those conditions. Many congratulations to all.

Our Semi-Final will take place at Downes Crediton on Thursday 5th September against Ilfracombe.

Huge thanks to all the caddies, Julie Bowskill, Gina Ollier, Danny Wallace, Richard Beer, Peter Bristow, Ali Down & Brian Medlam and to my acting deputy, Jackie Aitken. Your support was very much appreciated.

Team: Tess Souter. Lee Bristow. Ann Wallace. Julie Brookes. Barbara Beer. Michelle Ward. Yvonne Medlam

Pictured - Jovial scenes  - well done to all on a fantastic win

Yvonne Medlam

Presidents v Exeter 22nd July 2019 @ Exeter

This was our last divisional match for this season, which although we lost, was great experience for the team to play on a Parkland golf course. Congratulations to all the Ladies who have played President’s this season and for getting us through to the quarter-finals, which will take place at RND on August 9th.  More details to follow.

Yvonne Medlam

Team L-R: Tess Souter. Julie Bowskill. Helen Lethbridge. Jayne Begley. Ann Wallace. Lee Bristow. Michelle Ward.

Presidents v Holsworthy 3rd July 2019 @ Home

The team, consisting from L-R of, Jayne Begley, Jackie Aiken, Barbara Beer, Julie Brookes, Tess Souter, Lee Bristow, Caddy, Julie Rotchell and player, Ann Wallace, produced another great victory over Holsworthy. Very well-done team. This now puts us on top of the table in our division, with only one match left to play before the quarter finals. We’ll all be looking intently for the results of East Devon’s last match as they are our only threat at this stage. Our remaining match will take place at Exeter on July 22nd. Come on President’s, we can do this!

Yvonne Medlam.

Presidents v East Devon 28th June 2019 @ Home

Another amazing win for the President’s team playing against another tough team, East Devon. The wind was at its height and the temperature soared but the girls came through with a fantastic 6/1 victory. No losses, just 5 wins and two halves, a fabulous result in such testing conditions. Thank you to our lone caddy, Stephen, who aided Julie in her win. We all got caught out by the heat on the day and water was in short supply, so huge thanks to Jess & Andy from the Pro shop for coming to the rescue and for Jess who very kindly delivered water out onto the course to both teams.

Yvonne Medlam

Team L-R: Jackie Aitken. Yvonne Medlam. Barbara Beer. Lee Bristow. Julie Anstee. Caddy Stephen Anstee & Julie Brookes. Just missing the team photo this week, Ann Wallace (pictured below):

President’s v Okehampton 24th June 2019 @ Home

Another great team 4 ½ / 2 ½ win, this time at home against our tough competitors, Okehampton. We began play on what looked- liked being a dull & drizzly day, only for the sun to shine on my super team. Julie Brookes teed off against a fierce 3 handicap opponent, she gave Julie 7 shots but what an amazing game was had by both ladies who managed to halve the match. All of the team contributed but I have to mention our most inexperienced match player, Jaunita Gobby, who was playing her 3rd only ever match. Her opponent played a shot up to the front of the green on the 18th and a cheer rang out, especially loud cheering and clapping from a male Okehampton caddy. Jaunita, who, with a veranda full of visitors, members, Okehampton players and caddies and our own team intently watching, went to play her shot from the green side bunker on the 18th. Jaunita played a fantastic bunker shot on the first attempt to rapturous applause from the crowd, going on to win her match 2 up. Just brilliant.

Team Back Row L-R: Jayne Begley, Amanda Baker, Helen Lethbridge, Tess Souter, Front Row L-R: Julie Brookes with caddy Julie Gavin & Jaunita Gobby. Missing the team photo and standing solo, Lee Bristow (I’ll get you in the next one Lee 😊)

Happy caddies Bridget Briggs and Julie Rotchell with players, Helen Lethbridge & Jayne Begley. A HUGE thank you to all the caddies

Our next match is at home on Friday 28th June.

Yvonne Medlam,

Team Captain.

Creasy Team

We are now playing our Home games and have managed a variety of results!

1) Lost to Honiton 4 and a half to 2 and a half
2) Beat Axe Cliff 5 - 2
3) Drew with East Devon 3 and a half each
As our competition is coming to an end, it looks as though it is going to either Honiton or East Devon who will go through to the quarter finals. It is then close between Saunton and Fingle Glen. A tough section to be in!

One more to go next week, against Fingle Glen.




The ND foursomes Rose Bowl final was played on Sat 14th Sept at Libbaton GC. The opposition were Portmore and on a perfect day on a well presented course, and with a decent turnout of supporters the match began.

Portmores side were surprisingly ( to us - the selectors ) a mixture of higher and mid range handicap golfers. Inevitably this meant each of our 5 pairs were giving a range of shots of between 8 for our first pair to 3 for our last. This however didn't appear to present a huge problem early on, despite the early holes 4, 5 and 6 where we were all giving a shot.

Largely the Saunton pairings moved into early leads. 

Our club champion Jon Sutherland and his partner Alan Payne out first,  were typical in this respect and were never behind, eventually posting an excellent 4 & 2 victory with their mini gallery of Saunton supporters reporting some excellent golf on show.

Second out were Phil Venn and Ross Hunter giving 5 shots and once again they established a lead with some decent golf on the front 9 going 4 up, which despite being brought back to 2 up was never threatened further and they eventually ran out 4 & 3 winners.

Dean Sampson and Mark Kiff were struggling a little more with their opponents playing some good stuff and our best pair from last year eventually succumbed to a 4&3 defeat.

However by the time Dean and Marks result was in it was clear the match was won as the Saunton pairs behind were in fine form.

Both Brian Medlam and his partner Steve Payne alongside the last pair of Steve Horn and Gary Golombeck had established 7 up margins at one point and both finally ran out comfortable 6 & 5 winners for a hugely satisfying 4 - 1 win for Team Saunton.

The teams and their supporters celebrated the evening together over some ales, chips and sandwiches and an informal  presentation of trophies with congratulations all round.

A big thank you to the group of Saunton supporters that came out to watch, caddy and spontaneously applaud on occasion !

 It really is much appreciated.

The last fixture of the season will be next weekends ND league Finals day at High Bullen where the formal presentations of the season take place.

Team Saunton have 2 trophies to collect after achieving the ND Double of Division 1 champions and Rose Bowl winners. 

We also have Matt White competing on the day for the Champion of Champions trophy. 

Finally ...It is important to recognise there were a number of squad players who contributed to Team Saunton achieving so well this year. We appreciate those who played and were available to support the team and hope they continue to do so in the coming season. Not all players can be selected for each match and some tough decisions were taken in order to put out what we believed were our best sides for each of the different formats of competition. 

The mens Team Saunton included over 35 players in the course of 4 selection processes and we have managed to engage several Saunton golfers who had not played for the teams prior to this season.

We are hopeful we can continue to unearth some more diamonds to represent Saunton in the coming years and build on this seasons success.   

Many thanks again to all who contributed.

Ross, Will and Brian.  

To see the latest Draw Sheet (up to date as of July 2019) please click here

Match report - Semi Final

I am delighted to report a semi- final victory over Ilfracombe in the Rose Bowl match held at Holsworthy on Sunday last.

The 10 man -foursomes-  team acquitted themselves well in a 4-1 win on a course which probably suited our opponents better than Team Saunton. The early Saunton pairs struggled against their strong opposition, with Saunton giving 3 shots in both opening matches.

Our ‘young guns’ Finn Begley and Will Hunt managed to get 2 up at one point but eventually fell back losing on the 15th.

 Phil Venn and Andy Ackland were also up against it until a run of winning 4 holes on the spin turned the match around for an eventual 2 up win.

 Third out were Brian Medlam and Ross Hunter were giving 2 shots and after a very tight front 9 of nip and tuck golf they also went on a 3 hole winning streak and finally closed out a good win on the 14th hole with largely par golf.

 Dean Sampson and Mark Kiff  - giving 3 shots -  have had 2 seasons of great Rose Bowl performances and never looked like losing in a match that also closed out on the 14th hole after they had reeled off a series of birdies to take the match comfortably.  

 Steve Horn and Gary Golombeck,- receiving 2 shots- were out last but by no means least, and sealed the win with an icing on the cake finish on the par 3 14th,  once more, just as news filtered through of the second pairs victory on the 18th …a sweet moment !


Will Hunt & Finn Begley lost 4 & 3

Andy Ackland & Phil Venn won 2 up

Brian Medlam & Ross Hunter won 5 & 4

Dean Sampson & Mark Kiff won 5 & 4

Steve Horn & Gary Golombeck won 5 & 4

 Many thanks to the team and indeed the squad who have succeeded in getting Team Saunton into the Rose Bowl Final for the second successive season.

Its important to recognise there have been a number of different players selected to get Saunton into a position of winning this local foursomes trophy.

All that remains is to go one step further than we managed last time out.

Also a huge thanks to those who have come out to support the side this year. Both squad players and club officials have contributed to the support structure which plays a large part in making the side feel a little bit ‘special’

In particular John and Carol Venn, Graham Virgin, David Banbury, Stuart Charnock, Shaun Thorne, Gwyn Lewis and John Deacon have managed to get out for a number of our fixtures.    




Ross Hunter

Match report - Saunton V High Bullen

Team Saunton made progress into the Rose Bowl Foursomes Semi Final with a hard fought win against High Bullen last week on a beautiful evening at a well presented Ilfracombe course. Once more the opponents fielded some far higher handicapped players and our pairs were giving between 8 and 12 shots which severely tested all the Saunton pairs in all 5 matches,  which meant the match went down to the wire !

Match 1 was well won by the High Bullen pair 4 and 3. One of whom played some fantastic golf which was by his own admission “the best he had hit a ball in some time ! “  

Saunton tied things up with their second  2nd pair, before matches 3 and 4 went down 19 and then 20 for narrow Saunton wins !

Our last pair finished on hole 16 for an overall 4-1 win.

Yet another result that proved far more difficult than the match play I witnessed would suggest.’

Results :

Andy Ackland & Graham Virgin lost 4 & 3

John Deacon & Dean Sampson won 4 & 2

Brian Medlam & Steve Payne won on 19th

Ritchie Joslin & Richard Shannon won on 20th

Steve Horne & Gary Golombeck won 3 & 2

Team Saunton now move forward to meet Ilfracombe in the semi Final at Holsworthy. Date TBA.

Ross Hunter



North Devon League @ Holsworthy - Sunday 1st September

It was a bright and blustery day at Holsworthy GC  on Sunday 1st Sept, where the Division one title would be decided.

Essentially it was one of 3 sides that still had a chance of taking the trophy.

Saunton led by a point with Libbaton and Lion Artisans just behind.  Possibly fielding one of its younger average aged sides in recent years Team Saunton made a moderate start but it became apparent that the opposition were also struggling in the conditions such that 30 points looked a competitive individual score.   

So it proved and with the last 3 scores of Saunton hitting the early 30's and Mark Clatworthys excellent 34 earlier, a team score of 159 was 2 points more than any other side could amass. Not only a further Saunton win on the day ( 3 out of 5 this year ) but also,  and more importantly,  enough to take the league title also.

A great effort from the squad of 16 who represented the club in the ND League this season and indeed all who have played such a part in the side winning the Div 2 title last year and going on to take the Div 1 trophy this season.

Team scores : ( 5 to count )

Matt White          29 pts

Mark Clatworthy 34 pts

Ross Hunter         29 pts

John Deacon        31 pts

William J Hunt     33 pts

Xander Davis        32 pts

Huge thanks to the support I have had not only from those playing but also to John and Carol Venn for their presence and help on the match days.

Additionally thanks also to Brian Medlam and Will Hunt for their input into team selections and finally to Di in the office for her admin of the team and Jon / Liz in publishing our results and reports.

We just need to do it all again next year ! "  

Kind regards

Ross Hunter

L to R Xander Davis, William J Hunt, Ross Hunter, Mark Clatworthy, John Deacon. Absent was Matt White

North Devon League  v Ilfracombe

Congratulations to the team for a great result at Ilfracombe last weekend and a comprehensive win on the day with an impressive 181 points.

In particular 2 players making their Saunton NDL debuts posted terrific scores – Xander Davis,  a newcomer to Saunton shot 39 points, to finish Saunton's highest placed player and joint second on the day overall, and William J Hunt, who at 15 and one of our young and upcoming players, who amassed a creditable 35 points,  including a superb back 9 score of 21.

Individual stableford points scores were as follows : ( top 5 scores to count )

Phil Venn – 32

Andy Ackland – 30

Ross Hunter – 37

William J Hunt – 35

John Deacon – 38

Xander Davis – 39

This result now pushes us up to second in the league, following on from a previous win at home, a joint second at Easewell, and a poor 5th place at Libbaton.

Libbaton remain top of the league but with one fixture to play at Holsworthy, its all still to play for!

Ross Hunter

North Devon League – 18th May 2019

The second North Devon League meeting took place on Saturday 18th May with Mortehoe hosting the Division 1 teams. The Saunton side, top of the table after the first meeting were much changed for the latest fixture, with availability reduced owing to it clashing with our own Pro Day.

However the ‘chosen few’ scored well on the ‘sandy’  greens on the Easewell course finishing a credible joint second behind the hosts Lions Artisans.   

Full results as follows :

John Deacon  39

Ross Hunter   39

Steve Sparkes 37

Shaun Thorne 35

Richard Ebbage 31

Gwyn Lewis 27

So another decent return in this years campaign sees us remain top of the league.

Next fixture is at Libbaton on Sun 23rd June.

Support always welcome !  

If there are any club members interested in playing in this format of league golf, or would like more information about it,  then please contact one of the 3 selection committee members. Ross Hunter, Will Hunt or Brian Medlam. “   

Ross Hunter 

North Devon & Cornwall Vets League 1st October 2019 Finals Day

North Devon and Cornwall Vets League finals day, was held at Holsworthy 20th Sept. with ten teams competing in difficult conditions.

Although we didn't win the league the team performed very well to win the "Finals Day" trophy with a fantastic score of 172.

Brian Bostock had the equal top score of the day, but lost the "Brian Wright Cup" on count back.

Thanks to everyone who took part throughout the year, a great team effort.

The Days Results

Suanton           172

Portmore         164

Libbaton           156

Ilfracombe        154

Holsworthy       150

Okehampton    147

Torrington         142

Woolacombe    140

RND                     135

Launceston         129

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